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"Keep The Faith" Review 23 January 2001
Faith Always


A review by Ethel D /

Keep the Faith album is perhaps one of the best of Bon Jovi's creations.All the tremendous songs in the albums will send you in 'Bon Jovi's Heaven"-no kidding.True, it may be an old album (1992) but the songs are definitely much more better than any pop songs out there now.(Sorry 2 compare Pop with Rock, but i just can't stand people getting crazy over all those pop bands out there,no offence, but there's no way pop music can compare to Rock music-especially when it is Bon Jovi's)OK,back to the album, some recommendations i gave are I'll sleep when i'm dead,Bed of roses(u will never hear another song as romantic as this one-that's my personal opinion), If I was your mother, Dry County, Starting all over again etc.In fact all the songs in this album are awesome, why i gave only 9 rating for this album is because i find all the songs too short because i just can't get enough of them! Bon Jovi Fans and Rock Music Fans,this is something you can't miss!

Rating: 9/10

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