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"These Days" Review 27 January 2001
These Days, the stars ain't out of reach

A review by matt /

I think this album is definitely the "black sheep" of all of their albums, but I am here to argue that it is their 2nd best album (behind the impeccable "New Jersey"). I realize that "These Days" is probably a little more of a "downer" compared to the others (withe the exception of "7800 degrees fahrenheit"), and my guess is that this is a possible reason why they don't play a lot from "These Days" in concert. But I think this is a solid album all the way through, including the 2 excluded tracks from the U.S. album ("All I Want is Everything" and "Bitter Wine"). The title track is one of Bon Jovi's best songs recorded, and the guitar solos by Sambora are consistent throughout the album. I won't forget Tico, David and Hugh who contribute to complete this album. The lyrics are descriptive of a
down-trodden society, not much luck or a sense that "this is where i am and this is where i'll stay". They also stay consistent in singing about relationships or the failures of them. I know it is an album of, for the most part, negativity, but that's why this album is so great. Most people would think, reading the lyrics, that "nobody would want to hear these negative views". However, it is only by the band that knows how to "do it all" that can pull off this brilliantly written piece of work. This album should not be overlooked by fans, and the band should not overlook the fact that more fans want to hear the material from it in concert.

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