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"Crush" Review 30 January 2001
still rockin

The New Jersey lads r still rollin em out!! I am in no way dissappointed.

A review by sazi /

I have to admit that, being a younger fan, I was still crawling around in nappies when Bon Jovis early stuff was around. Still, my mum was, and remains still a big fan-as a result I have been listening to Bon Jovi for 17 years, I was brought up on the stuff.

For a long while it was all the excellent tracks on Crossroad that I heard, then came the brilliant These Days.Even then I was a mere 12 years old with no real opinion or sense of individuality, but still I listened.
5 years later arrives Crush. And that sealed it for me. Before, I would listen to Bon Jovi and sing if it was on,but now I could decide for myself-Bon Jovi ruled.
After a long absence,it didn't take me a while to realise that I loved every song of theirs i had ever heard,and so I went out and brought this new fantastic album, by the end of the evening I knew almost alll the words!!

The opening chords on Its my life are a superb intro to an album...but I don't feel they compare to Richies guitar playing on Hey God.

Admittedly Crush is happier and dare I say it "poppier" then These Days,but I still love all the songs on the album-especially One Wild Nite..can u tell I like the harder stuff?! The only problem I found is Shes A Mystery. It's so slow compared to the rest of the album and to me is just the track between the excellent Captain Crash and I got the girl....

Still...don't let that stop you. They are still doing a superb job and i love em as much as i did 17 years ago.
keep on rockin and enjoy.

Rating: 9/10

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