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"These Days" Review 4 February 2001
Praise for the Underrated

A review by BamaTim /

I have never Understood why this album got the least respect,Praise,Airplay,Sales,Or even its songs played Live By Bon Jovi in concert.As great as their other cds are,This one Oozes Emotion that the their others cant touch.From "Hey god".A song that just comes out deeply and sincerely.When I sing the part about "all the Good shits gone"I relate that to all the Music I love dying out and This New depression garbage that had taken over at the Time."Something For the Pain" Has the Same Great Feel.These Days is one of The greatest songs they have done.?"If you dont Love Me Lie to Me" What a great song.A lot of people can relate to that kind of Love Song.Its not your mainstream Love Song and that is what I like about it.This is a great Cd.What is or is not played on he radio does not make a great album.Imagine If The Bon Jovi Albums came out in Reverse Order and These days Came out in 1986 and Slippery just came out last summer would the General Public have Noticed or would they have missed out on one of the biggest albums of all Time.Its all about timing and I guess that is what Makes "These Days" so special is Because it was so Ignored.

Rating: 10/10

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