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"Crush" Review 29 May 2000
A Bon Jovi jewel!

This is something..

A review by Fredrik /

I have been waiting for "Crush" with a lot of anticipation, and the majority of the album really measured up to my anticipation. I know a lot of people have said that it's not like the "same Bon Jovi" anymore. Well, why is that so hard to figure out? Times have changed since the late 80's and early 90's. I think that if Bon Jovi made the very same music as then, well it wouldn't have worked out at all.
There's a lot of good old classic Bon Jovi stuff on this album, but with a new way of looking at it. Sometimes it almost reflects to have a bit of a "pop" sound in certain songs. That, on the other hand, is something I kind of didn't like. Also, one person said to me that this album lacks the "social and the caring for a tough society". Kind of true, there's not really a song here with the lyrics in the likes of "Hey God" and "Dry County". But, I don't think it has to be like that, This is a happy rock album! Away from the melancholic touch of "These Days" and the social tracks from the "Keep The Faith" album. This is as Jon said: "A throwback to the 80's and the great outdoors" and I personally don't think it could have been explained better.

What do I think about the songs in particular though? Well read on!

It's my life, 10/10:
What else could you expect? A classic rock song with heavy guitars and a chorus that gets under your skin and stays there! This is one of the albums best rocking highlights!

Say It Isn't So, 9/10:
At first I didn't really like this that much, but after a few listens it really got to me. It has an addictive guitar and the chorus line is really cool! Almost has a little touch of the track "All I want is everything" from the These Days album. This will probably be another hit from this album.. :)

Thank You For Loving Me, 11(!)/10:
I read a review where saying that this song was "the right arm of Always". Personally I think it should be the other way around, "Always" should be the right arm to this song! I just find this to have more emotions and a depth that touches one's soul. Litterary.. The musical progression in this song is made with more detail and thought and to me it really shines through!

Two Story Town 4/10:
Why did they even bother to have this track on the album? A pop-sounding piece that to me doesn't really have the "Bon Jovi sound" from any aspect. No, to me this isn't the way to go.. Replacing this with the demo track "I don't want to live forever" would have been a gold thing!

Next 100 Years, 9/10:
This is a classic Bon Jovi track with a touch of the new times that are at hand. I think that if this would have been written during late 80's or beginning of the 90's it would have sounded something like the tracks "Bad Medicine" or "Dry County". Now this has a more epic sound (reflecting on the strings) and a pace that really gets one going! Get up and rock for heavens sake!!

Just Older, 10/10:
Alright, now we're talking! This is REALLY the way to go! Rocking atmosphere with awesome vocals (as always) by Jon. I hope this one is performed live when I'm going to see them during this tour!! This definitely has the "New Jersey" feeling and the great 80's outdoors touch to it!

Mystery Train, 10/10:
Instant flash back to "(It's hard) Letting you go" from These Days. Same atmosphere and wonderful soft music that makes it so beautiful listening to! Instant classic, at least to me... :)

Save The World, 10/10:
A little bit more rocking ballad than "Thank you for loving me", and it fits perfect into this new BJ return. Slow ballads with acoustic guitars and piano, and then on to the "traditional" power ballad chorus. I can only say one thing really: Bon Jovi know how to write songs that touches you in a special way!

Captain Crush " The Beauty Queen From Mars, 9/10:
With the funny title I didn't really know what to expect from this track. I got an uplifting surprise! A rocking track in the same likes of "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead", and it makes you feel plain good!

She's A Mystery, 10+/10:
This song also reflects on the track "(It's Hard) Letting You Go" just as "Mystery Train" did. The vocals by Jon here are as clear as "a baby's bottom" and it sounds awesome. The soft guitars by Richie in the background creates an atmosphere that are out of this world. And Hugh rarely gets credits for his bass performances with BJ, but here he really exceeds himself. The basslines are so perfect for the song and he plays them with awesome feeling and security. One of the best tracks on the album!

I Got The Girl, 9/10:
Starts out into something you expect to be a ballad, but then Richie fires up the guitar and it all ends up in a powerful rock track. A very unexpected and definitely a fun uplifting feeling! The entire song has a bit of "driving-through-the-desert-in-a-cab" feeling and it puts a smile on my face.. :D

One Wild Night, 9/10:
What kind of intro is this? Yes, I do however see the irony in it. Anyway, A total flashback to the -85 intro from the track "Tokyo Road", but nowadays? Alright, on the the real song. A classic song that I personally think sound a little like the "99 in the shade" from "New Jersey", both lyrically and musically. So 'nuff said right? It kicks major ass!

I Could Make A Living Out Of Living You, 10/10: (European/Japan bonus track)
This is SOO great!! This sounds like something that could have been written during the "Keep The Faith" sessions. Think on a blend of "Blame It On The Love Of Rock " Roll" and "Save A Prayer", well this is what you end up with! To all of you who consider buying "Crush" without bonus tracks, think again!!

I still haven't got my hands on the japan version of Crush, so I still am without the other bonus track "Neurotica". I have ordered it so it's on it's way and I'm looking forward to it!

All in all I think this is one of Bon Jovi's best albums ever. I give it a 10 despite the low bottom track "Two Story Town", cause that's just one bad track out of thirteen. I recommend this album to everyone who likes/liked Bon Jovi at some time in their life. There's something here for everybody, take my word for it!

Rating: 10/10

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