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"Keep The Faith" Review 7 February 2001
A Brilliant Album

This ONE is to The FANS!

A review by Melissa /

This is an excellent album. Maybe it did not get the attention in needed, but it wasnt ment to. This album was developed for all of us Bon Jovi fans.

I Believe------ Well the only thing I can say here is Do You?

Keep The Faith-----Bon Jovi is saying...hey guys we are here and as long as you Keep That Faith...we will be here much longer!

Ill Sleep When I'm Dead-----WOW this one is powerful. If you let the lyrics take you where they are going, Jon is explaining his approach on life. HE is not gonna rest untill he is 6ft under.

In these arms-----I have two opinions of this song. It is the band taking hold of the fans and never letting them go, and it is also the band taking hold of their loved ones that end up so far away when they are on tour.

BED OF ROSES----- Ok this is one of my ALL time favorite Bon Jovi Songs...I play it at least once EVERY day . This is Jon madly in love with his wife but feeling so bad for things he has done. WOW what a lucky woman. I listen to this song and dream, someday I may have that kind of love waiting for me.

If I was Your Mother----- Ok the other person that reviewed this has NO clue what they are talking about.(Holland Review from Ton Bon Jovi) This song REQUIRES an open cant be so closed minded to ONLY like one type of music....even if you dont like metal....These guys have some great talent, in every category of music....I happen to like all kinds of music, but this one is in my favorite category for heavy stuff.

Dry County-----this song is great! it explains the people who dont have what others take for granted. This song is also a lapse of Jon's Blaze Of Glory album. I have a feeling some of this was written when he was doing that album.

Woman in Love-----they have this song right on the money! There is NOTHING a woman cant do when she is in love.

FEAR-----another heavy twist for the boys. I like it...I really think Bon Jovi could go heavier without a problem. But of course some of the fans will not except the change, so I thing the boys should continue the way they are.....

I Want You-----Another one of my favorite ballads...if I could sing any song to Jon Bon Jovi...this would be the one. I dont care about all that star stuff I just want you LOL!

Blame It On The Love Of Rock and Roll-----these guys are saying...we are here and here to stay just blame it on their love of what they are doing! Wow to bad we couldnt all love our job that much.

Little bit of soul-----this song makes me want to dance! It has a great beat that you can not help but tap your foot too!

Save A Prayer-----just listen to the words!

THIS ALBUM is one of Bon Jovi's greatest gifts they have given to their fans. Thanks Guys!

Rating: 10/10

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