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"Keep The Faith" Review 8 February 2001
The important one!


A review by Adam Cirillo /

People often take for granted just how important "Keep The Faith" was to Bon Jovi. This album was a first for the band since 1988 and is to date the most important and influential. The album showed the world that "Bon Jovi" was not just an 80's rock band but a true, all time greats of the music industry. The band changed their style slightly to a deeper, more meaningful style of rock. With Songs like "I Believe" a fantastic opener, "Bed Of Rosses" one of the most powerful ballads ever written, "Dry County" an extremley meaningful sons that describes life for the people who have made mistakes in their life, and in my opinion the best song ever "Keep The Faith". songs like blame it on the love, if i was your mother and little bit of sole show just how much the band had developed and how versatile they were.

This album is why "Bon Jovi" are still around 17 years after they began. I'd like to see Backstreet Boys last half that time.


Rating: 10/10

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