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"Crush" Review 11 February 2001
Sorry, this album's rubbish

A review by David Wedege Petersen /

Well. This is the long awaited come back from the Jersey Syndicate. These guys i have spent a whole fortune at. And what did they gave me back? Crush! Oh my god. Sounds almost like "Crash." And so are these tunes. I'm sorry, it's rubbish. Jon is still a great singer. Richie - still a hell of a great guitar player. Tico - still hits harder than anyone. Bon Jovi anno 2000. They still rocks but only rock'n'roll is not enough for me. I need a little bit of soul. Some spirit, some personality like "Who I am."
Hey God! Tell me what the hell is going on? Say it isn't so!

Crush makes me think that they are only in it for money.
I have almost lost my faith...

Rating: 1/10

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