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"Crush" Review 12 February 2001
There BACK!

These guys just don't stop!

A review by Melissa /

This album is a great album. There are alot of people out there saying Bon Jovi is a Sell out. But if you ask this question next "WHat kind of music do you think Bon Jovi Plays?" You will get the answer Heavy Metal or Hard Rock. Well people I was there in the 80's and I am here now. Bon Jovi is not a heavy metal band and never was! I used to be a Metal head.....don't like it as much nerve racking! Bon Jovi has always been the same band they are now. Reaching up the charts with all the other pop rock music. These guys have not sold out, they have just grown with their music. If anyone can name a Band out there right now that is still making records and still keeping the fans all means do poison, motley crue, warrant, winger, skid row........None of them!

This album rocks. Bon Jovi has not changed at all, they are still playing Livin on a prayer......just a different name "Its My Life" These guys have grown! But they have all done solo projects,that will influence any sort of change! By no means has this band sold out!

Bon Jovi 4 EVER!

Rating: 10/10

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