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"Keep The Faith" Review 13 February 2001

One of the best albums ever made!!

A review by Jovigirl /

Well I can't choose between 'These Days' and 'Keep the Faith', when I want to explain which album I like the most, but I've already written a review of These Days, so now I'll write one about 'Keep the Faith'. I had put it back into my cd-collection for a few months, but I started to love 'Dry County' again and decided to listen to the other songs too. And they were great. Yes, I started to treasure this album. Jon Bon Jovi called it 'social-engaged', but hey, what does it matter? It just rocks!!

I like all the songs on the album, but if I had to choose one favorite, it has to be 'Dry County'. It's just so emotional.

Tip: ever heard of the German Bon Jovi-coverband 'Kon Chauvi'? They have their own site. ( and they really sound like Bon Jovi!!

This was my Keep the Faith-review. 'Always' is my fav Bon Jovi song.

But hey, I gotta go now. I hope you've enjoyed my review and uuuh, keep the faith these days, bon jovi fans outta here! Don't go mad, because Crush wasn't that good (yeah, I agree, it was really rubbish!!). I have my own Bon Jovi site. It's named Jon Bon Jovi paradise and its url is
It's under construction, but it will be ready upcoming summer.


Rating: 10/10

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