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"Crossroad" Review 14 February 2001
always always always

A review by Jovigirl /

You all know the songs on Crossroad, so I ain't gonna bore you with my talk about how much I like this song and how much I dislike that song.
But I gotta say: Always is my favorite!! It has always been my fav one and it will always be!! Don't have to tell ya why. Everybody says it's a great song, I guess.
Well, here my fav songs in random order:

- Always
- Bed of Roses
- In these arms
- I want you
- Born to be my baby
- Wild is the wind
- I believe
- Fear
- Dry county
- Little bit of soul
- These Days
- This ain't a lovesong
- Lie to me
- Letting you go
- Hearts breaking even

Well, Bon Jovi-fans, keep on supporting Bon Jovi these days. They'll need it, because they've just released such an (....fill it in yourself...) album (yea, I'm talking 'bout Crush), and I was so shocking after listening to it.
"What happened to Bon Jovi". They almost sounded like the Backstreet Boys!!
I heard Jon singing: "Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine..." Uuurgh!! No, I go mad!!
Okay, 'It's my life' is a great song, but that's all I like about this album.
But okay, now I'm talking about Crossroad, so read 'bout my Crush-opinion in my next review.

Doeiiii!!! (means 'bye!' in Dutch)


Rating: 8/10

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