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"These Days" Review 1 January 1996
Opinions from fans

A review by Various fans

From: Edward Isaacs

No way not the BEST Bon Jovi album I've heard, we'll leave that to Keep the Faith-anyways I think you are slamming some of the best songs on the album! "Something for the Pain" is one of the best - as so is" Hearts Breaking Even". These are the style of Bon Jovi songs that we need - a new style. I don't understand how you say it is one of the best albums when you rate all the songs so low.


Hi my name is Jim, I might be one of the biggest Bon jovi fans around, I come from that time "the mid 80's" that was the time when Jon could have been elected president. Any how I wanted to say a few words about the new album. "These Days", is a totally new sound for jovi fans, I like it in alot of ways and I will always like just about anything that Jon and the boys put out. But I came from the "Slippery" and the "New jersey" days when the music was stronger and faster, but still fun to listen to. I even love the two first albums. So this album is good, but remains under par if you compare it to the huge stigma of the 15 million selling album "slippery when wet". My favorite song on "These days" is "Dammed" it reminds me of an era that is now gone. By the way Jon and the boys will always be my favorite band and I will see them any chance that I might get. So keep on rocking Jon.


What can I say? I love it and I hate it. There are times when I think it's the best BJ album and times when I think its the worst. All in all I guess its a sign that the New Jersey boys have grown up. Some of the songs ie. These days, This ain`t a love song, hard letting go are awesome. I agree with Peter when he says Bed of Roses was the all time greatest BJ ballad. All the same, some of the stuff here comes pretty close. I still miss the old Bon Jovi though. It's kinda wierd having to listen to Bon Jovi without the Glam rock stuff. New Jersey still remains the ultimate BJ album though with 100% pure Glam. On a scale of 1 to 10 These days is a 7.


I just read your review of 'These Days' and think you were way too hard on the album. I personally love it, especially 'Hearts Breaking Even.' The sound is a little new, but it shows how far Bon Jovi has come. I can't believe you said that the lyrics were terrible on 'Damned', I believe. All of the songs, lyrically and musically are great and I have nothing bad to say about them. I am an old Bon Jovi fan as well and find that I love 'Lie to Me.' Anything Jon and the boys put out I will listen to because they have never put out a bad album. I love the new album and can't wait until another gets put out. Thank you.

From: Jaco Greeff

I find your review on the These Days album very refreshing, it is always good to hear from somebody who is obviously as great a BJ fan as I am. I can see out of every comment wriiten that everyone has their own views on the album, as it is supposed to be, and I can only agree that this is one of the best, if not the best album Bon Jovi ever made. Then again, I may be one of the newer BJ fans, the ones who loves the ballads. (I think the sign of a great R 'n R band is the sucess of their ballads. Am I so wrong?)
The only song I can really say is not likabl on the album is: Hey God. Call it my upbringing or narrow-mindedness, I just don't like it when he (BJ) has severe doubts in God (maybe questions to?). I'm of course talking about the chorus: "Hey God - Tell me what the hell is going on, Seems like all the good shit's gone"

Then again, the song may be interpreted in various (other) ways, and I'm sure that there is a lot of fans out there that will disagree with me.

The rest of songs on the album I consider absolutely splendid! Bon Jovi rules the world!

From: Allison Wosnick

I feel that the These Days CD is some of the best material offered from the boys from New Jersey. The entire feel of the CD is different from anything they have ever produced. The harder, fresher rock sounds of 'Hey God' and 'Damned' are pleasing to the ear, while still easy to swallow. The softer songs like 'It's Hard Letting You Go' and 'My Guitar Lies Bleeding...' only prove that Bon Jovi is always ready and open to new ideas. Listening to the album can give the viewer a certain sense of satisfaction as each and every song delivers a strong message and a firm sense of admiration for the ability at which the guys have, once again, pleased not only themselves (or so it should be!) but their fans.
Allison Wosnick (age 15) (

Fromr Jamie Cash

These Days is totally different than anything Bon Jovi have ever produced but some of the ideas are the same. The band are losing their heavy rock image but maybe this comes with growing up. Jon seams to be much more sensitive in this album than in any of his others. Tico Torres doesn't get much of a chance to show off his great drum playing talents which is a shame because he is the second most talented member of the band apart from Jon himself. (I lot of people probably disagree with me on that one). This album shows that Bon Jovi can still make a great album without Alec. This album contains some songs which will always be classics such as:

This ain't a love song
These days
My guitar lies bleeding in my arms
Diamond Ring
Bitter Wine
My favorite song in the whole album is My guitar lies bleeding in my = arms, it is a very deep song and has allot of meaning.
The best part of the album has to be the verse:

Jimmy Shoes busted both his legs
Trying to learn to fly
From a second story window
He just jumped and closed his eyes
His mamma said he was crazy
He said mamma I gotta try
Don't you know that all my heroes died
And I guess I'd rather die than to fade away.

From the title track These Days, it has so much meaning and makes you think.

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