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"These Days" Review 18 February 2001

The best Bon Jovi album.

A review by The Legend /

This album is my favourite BJ album, because it is filled with emotion. I also like the sad aspect, that the album has. Here are the reviews of the songs:

1. Hey God
This is a really good starter. It really rocks and Jon puts a lot of emotion to it. A great livesong too.

2. Something for the pain
I usually skip this one. Its allright, but I think I just got bored to it, because it`s nothing special.

3. This ain`t a love song
A good ballad. Richie does some nice fills in this one. Without the fills this would have been too ordinary. It`s not quite on the same level with some other ballads on the album, but still good.

4. These days
The beginning is great, but I don`t like the chorus that much. Great guitar solo by Richie.

5. Lie to me
I didn`t like this at first but now I do. It`s very
nice to listen to, because it is so peaceful and pretty.
This song has a good feeling to it.

6. Damned
It`s great to have a rocker at this point and a great rocker is even better. This is the first song that I started singing. It just went straight to my head. It`s really aggressive and loud with great instruments. The riff in the beginning is great and the guitar solo is unbelieveable. This reminds us, who is the greatest guitarist in the world.

7. My guitar lies bleeding in my arms
This is a real masterpiece. The lyrics are great
and the guitar parts in the middle are great. This song has a strange feeling to it and it really touches me deeply. There is something special about this song, because even my brother likes it. This is really on the top three of all Bon Jovi songs.

8. (It`s hard) Letting you go
This one is also at the top three of all BJ songs (third one is Dry County). This is the prettiest song that I have ever heard. It`s so sad that it almost made me cry once. The instruments are perfect and the ending is the best in the history of music. This is really a special song for me. The best songs on the album are this and My guitar... They are quite close to Dry County.

9. Hearts breaking even.
Nothing special here. A bit too commercial for me. Still quite good.

10. Something to believe in.
Third best song on the album. It has a lot of emotion and anger. Jon screams his throat out on this on this one. Chorus is great, but the lyrics are a bit stupid.

11. If that`s what it takes.
Not one of the best, but still good. Chorus could have been better and singing needs some power. Still it is a pleasure to listen.

12. Diamond Ring
Very pretty indeed and quite different from the others. It`s instrumentally veru simple and good. It would be nice to have more acoustic songs on the albums. I like this more every time I listen to it. One of the best.

13. All I want is everything (bonus)
A good rocker, but nothing special. Chorus could
have been better, but the rest of the song is solid.
Talkbox also fits here perfectly.

14. Bitter wine (bonus)
A very good ending for the album. It always gets me to a good mood. Lyrics are great and acoustic instruments are great on this one too. Very good indeed

There was my review. I have all the albums and all the solo stuff and I also play the guitar, so I know what I am talking about. This is simply the best album in the world!

Rating: 10/10

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