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"Crush" Review 18 February 2001
Crush: An experience for a first-timer...

A review by Javy OO7 /

I received Bon Jovi's album 'Crush', sometime last year, about 2 months ahead after their June release. Already being a Bon Jovi fan before shortly after, I never received an album of Bon Jovi till that time. Here's my review of Crush:

It's My Life: Has to be, one of the very first BJ's songs I've ever heard. The song is great from start to finish. 10/10.

Say It Isn't So: Weird song, but I like it anyhow. But, what Jon did to his voice: Weird. Nice, but strange in my opinion. Nice song. 8/10

Thank You for Loving Me: I love this ballad, one of BJ's best. Actually, the first BJ Ballad I ever heard during the time (I've heard several since). Highlight of the song, definetely has to be the middle of the song. "You pick me up, as I fall down...". Awesome... 10/10

Two Story Town: I'm predicting, this will be a Single here in the U.S. Nice song. Nice lyrics. 9/10

Next 100 Years: Epic song, strange one, but after a long while listening to it over and over, I ended up liking it. 8/10

Just Older: One of the best songs, of the album. Not old...Just Older. So true... 10/10

Mystery Train: Nice song, even though it was another song that took a while for me to like it. Slow, moody song. Heh... 7/10

Save The World: Darn skippy, I can save the world. Heh, I wonder how this song would sound live. Anyone? 8/10

Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen From Mars: It's a fun song to listen too, seems like the band added this as a filler. Just my opinion, though... 7/10

She's a Mystery: Even though I like the song, it's, the most I least like out of the 12 songs of 'Crush'. Either way, decent song. 6.5/10

I Got the Girl: Reminds me of Just Older, for some reason. Don't ask why. Heh... 8/10

One Wild Night: The last song of the album, and what a great one it is! One great party-song, that'll make people dance their butts off. Great way, to finish the album. Heh... 10/10

There's my review, I've become a huge fan of BJ, ever since I heard 'Prayer a long time ago, took me ages to figure out who sung the song, and I found out. Thank god, I did. Heh...

Before I end this, as anyone seen the video for 'Thank you for Loving Me'?. I've only seen it once, and I only saw it though the half-way point, to the end. Any specific time I can see it, on MTV or VH1(even though MTV sucks these days...), Eastern Time? Heh, any help would be appreciated it...

This album blows away any album, from what I know off the year of '00. I ought to listen to this, then too any crap music has to offer these days. I'll just sit here, and listen to ol' Rock and Roll.

Rating: 9/10

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