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"Slippery When Wet" Review 18 February 2001
Slippery When Wet: Woo!

A review by Javy OO7 /

I'll tell you right now, I was in awe when I received this album a few weeks ago. I could've believe it, I had in my hands, what it's supposedly BJ's best album! (Heh...) Here's my review...

Let It Rock: I knew this song sounded familiar. I remember hearing bits of the song, in VH1's: BTM of Bon Jovi. Great way to open the album. 9/10

You Give Love a Bad Name: Who DOESN'T like this song? Heh, show yourself if you don't. Great guitar and bass showing by Richie and Alec, and Jon takes it home with the simple, yet awesome lyrics of this song. Great song. 10/10

Livin' on a Prayer: I can write a 10-page report on this song, the very first Bon Jovi song I ever heard (alright, not 10-pages. But still...). I cna listen to this song over and over, and I'm positively sure I'd never get tired of it. 10/10

Social Disease: Am I the only person, that thinks this song came to be the evolution of 'Bad Medicine' in the New Jersey? Either way, a fun song to listen (and dance...) too. 9/10

Wanted Dead or Alive: The accoustics in the song, does the song justice for me alone. Just hearing the accoustics makes this song. Especially, when Richie switches to the Electric Guitar during the 3rd minute part of the song. Another great song. 10/10

Raise Your Hands: I knew I remembered this song, from the BTM Special of Bon Jovi a while back. I like the song alot, now only if I can see the video. Heh... 9/10

Without Love: Heh, this song shows how 80's music was. Either way, I really like the song. Just a nice love song. 8/10

I'd Die For You: Man. That's all I can say. This song absolutely rocks the house! I hear myself, listening to this song atleast once a day. Song rocks... 10/10

Never Say Goodbye: Another bit, I heard in the BTM Special, but of course an Accoustic version of it. The studio version rules, wonder how the Accoustic sounds. Now, if only I can... 9/10

Wild in The Streets: Great way to end the song, for the 3+ minute song. In some strange way, it reminds of of One Wild Night. Don't ask why. Heh... 9/10

Great album, from start to finish. These days, there aren't alot of albums that have that. Rock, seems to be taken a dark ride out of Mainstream music for a while. Even though, I still think Rock is here to stay. With bands like Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, Creed, U2, Metallica, that's all I really need.

Rating: 10/10

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