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"Crush" Review 23 February 2001
i don't know why!!


A review by tarek /

hi there,i'm not going to talk about the songs in this album but about the ones that r not in the album!I'm so confused and can't understand how the guys think,well a song like stay should be for sure on the album..i don't know why its out,i'm not saying that its better than thank you for loving me,but for sure better than saaaave the worllld the elastic song!

or a song like ordinary people,there are some great songs that did not appear on the album..

if i go back to the album,there are two so great songs that got the minimum attention from the fans,those are mystery train and she's a mystery,for god's sake read the lyrics and then comment on them!

any way jon is so clever and thinks for the future,so i hope he's hiding something better than stay for the future..
by the way i feel so bad because of the awards!its so bad what they got into theses daysgiving awards to people who could fit better as models or dancers or even bad b-movie actors!

Rating: 9/10

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