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"These Days" Review 13 March 2001

A review by Sean Carr

I must say for the longest time i heard people talk about the bonus tracks for Bon Jovi albums. Wheather it was These Days or Crush. Then this past saturday i went to the store and i was lookin at the Bon Jovi Cd's. i don't know why since i have them ALL! But, I was lookin and i saw These Days. But yet it wasn't the same These Days that i have, It was different. half the cd was cover with some type of Japanees writing so i turned it over an there it was all the songs i heard people talkin about that i never heard. i bought it on the spot. i went home and told my family and friends that i finally got the Japanees import of These Days. alot of the responces were "Is it in Japanees?" No its not it's in English. but to get to the piont i finally heard Bitter Wine, All I want is Everything and all the other songs on there even the live song were great. If you ask me these songs make These days even more of a great album and i gave it a ten. and to all you other fans out there that don't have it, then i really recomend you get it. It's Great!!!

Rating: 10/10

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