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"Crush" Review 14 March 2001
Crush the comeback or the end?

Bon Jovi rules

A review by Samboraman /

The first time I heard the Crush album I was stunned, it was really great.nd since the first impression is the most important,thats still how I feel about this album.
It contains two songs that has the smashhit thing in it." Its my life" and "Thank you for loving me" are both great songs.
"Just older" and "One wild night" are songs that will always be remembered, they are "cult songs"!"Captain crash..." is a song u sing when u take ashower and the lyrics of "Two story town" are great."Just older" is good too, and all the other songs are acceptable,but, how worthless is the song "Shes a mystery"????!!!Ive never heard a more worthless song written by Bon Jovi.Its so .....I cant even describe it!
Crush is a good album except for "Shes a mystery".Ill rate the CD:s

1:Keep the faith
2:Slippery when wet
4:New Jersey
5:These days
6:Bon Jovi/7100 Fahrenheit

My favourite songs,cant really place them in order

Bed of roses, blame it on the love of rockn roll, Livin on a prayer, Id die for you, Its my life, Lay your hands on me, Sleep when Im dead

Rating: 9/10

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