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"These Days" Review 23 March 2001
An Amazing Album

What Did People Not Understand?

A review by Cathy /

The instant I heard "These Days" I was immediately taken by...everything! The lyric content, the arrangements, the harmonies, the haunting atmosphere, everything about this album is brilliant. I am originally from Australia, now living in New York, and I know this album was not a success for the band in America. In other parts of the world it was very successful (number one in Australia I proudly say), and I just do not understand what the American people did not understand about this album. The lyrics were thought provoking and yes it made you think, but that is a good thing. It was not a dark album, as has been suggested. Just different but so damn good all the same. This album was a progression for the band and perhaps people did not like that change. Change is a good thing people. Take another listen, for those that do not like this album. Give it a second chance. You will not be sorry. I still enjoy this album now, as I did when I first heard it way back when. I just love it.

Rating: 9/10

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