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"Crush" Review 30 May 2000
Crush - Please Say It Isn't So

A review by Richie Meller /

Bon Jovi have got better and better over the years from Bon Jovi to These Days and have developed enormously as songwriters. The lyrics have always been of an unequalled quality. Until now.

Crush has been a massive leap back. The songs seem to be about nothing in particular and often consist of a chorus repeated over and over with the occasional five second verse thrown in. The magical lyrical power of Dry County and These Days seems to have evaporated Crush starts well with It's My Life easily the best song on the album. It definately rocks and is a 10/10 song. However, things go down hill rapidly after that.

Say It Isn't So is the only BJ song I can honestly say I hate. It gets 1/10. It is a John Lennon style song. If I wanted a John Lennon song (which I don't) I would buy one. I want Bon Jovi. Jon also uses some electric voice box thing which ruins his usually excellent vocals.

Thank You For Loving Me (9/10) got my hopes back up. The music is excellent and instantly likeable. However the lyrics are more of this repeat, repeat, repeat formula and don't have lastability.

The only other songs of note are two story town (7/10), just older (7/10) and captain crash and the beauty queen from mars (8/10 - it may not have meaningful lyrics, but at least it rocks).

The rest of the songs are album fillers at best. The sort of thing I might expect from a okay BJ b-side. With the exception of next 100 years (2/10) which starts of like Oasis (who I don't like) gets better, but then ruins it by going Oasis again at the end. How did it get on the album
On top of this I don't like the CD cover, and the inlay card doesn't even include the lyrics (for the first time since Bon Jovi). I can only assume this is because the band are two embarrased by them. Where is the Bon Jovi soul ?

Before everyone who reads this hates me. I am most definately a Bon Jovi fan. I have and love every other album (plus solo albums) and am going to see them on tour. I do feel guilty about not liking the album as well, but I have to be honest, it is the worst BJ album I have heard.

Rating: 4/10

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