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"These Days" Review 28 March 2001
These Days-All Days

A review by That guy

I first picked up this cd, read the song titles and found common ground. "These Days" truly provided everyday experience we all can relate to, whether it be sooner or later. Love lost, experience gained, questioned soul; this album tells it all. Bon Jovi's "dark album"? Yes, but remember, we would never know just how beautiful the "light" is had we not taken that stroll through the "dark". Stand out tracks: 1."This Ain't A Love Song"- for that someone you tell yourself you're over...and try to believe it 2."(It's Hard)Letting You Go"- for that special someone that stole your heart and never gave it back 3."These Days"- our reality check. Not the most successful album, and that's ok because things are best when kept intimate. For those that don't have it, trust me when I say "quality over quantity anyday". This is the best Bon Jovi album. You can disagree with me, you can do whatever you want.

Rating: 9/10

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