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"Crush" Review 29 March 2001
jovi crush charts

good solid record with very few low points

A review by james berryman

So here it is, 5 years later the boys return with a record
that holds no suprises.There's no mistaking it's bon jovi, from the anthem songs like "It's my life" and "One wild night" to the power balled "Thankyou for loving me". However there is an underlining point the boys are trying to make and that is " Where getting on a bit, but here's how we feel in 2000", and this is portraid no better than in "Just older" possiably the high point of the record. As for low points try "I got the girl" about Jons daughter, but even this has you singning the chrosus on the way to work.There are some tracks that stick out though, like "Save the world", as good as they are, that song in particular would be at home on "These days". But what the lads have made at the end of the day is a good solid record worthy of there songwriting talents. 8/10

Rating: 8/10

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