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"New Jersey" Review 29 March 2001
A fab album....

A review by Emma /

The new jersey album - has to be one of my favourite jovi albums...

Lay your hands on me: A great start to the album, with fab drum intro. A really rocky song that gets me singing every time. 9/10

Bad medicine: A very good song, love the talking at the end, and fab lyrics. I'm guessing this would be absolutely amazing live - the atmosphere would be fantastic. I love the guitar, but then richie is almost the god of guitar. 9/10

Born to be my baby: One of the softer songs, doesn't seem quite so rocky, but still great. I don't think I could ever get tired of this one. 9 and a half/10

Living in sin: This song seems so original, because of the theme its chosen. All about a guy and girl who are in love and live together, but aren't married, and the parents dissaprove - fab. Jons voice sounds so good in this, I was amazed when I first heard it. 9 and a half/10

Blood on blood: Now I have a story to go with this one, and I swear its true. I was in school, talking to some friends, and we were discussing our futures. One of them said they wanted to be a lawyer, the next one a doctor, then I wanted to be a rock musician. That night I went home, and turned on my music, as I do. This song came on, and I heard "now bobby hes an uptown lawyer, danny hes a medicine man, and me, I'm just the singer in a long haired rock and roll band". Spooky or what? 9/10

Homebound train: A great song, I love jons vocals. Some people are quite unfair to this song, but I love it. 9/10
Wild is the wind: A good song, but I haven't listened to it that often. Seems a bit like homebound train to me. Amazing sentiment though. 8/10

Ride cowboy ride: I'm not quite sure why this is here. 5/10
Stick to your guns: Quite good, but its never playing while I'm in a state of mind to pay any attention, as I'm generally going to sleep, so I can only give it 7/10

I'll be there for you: This is the sort of song that I don't generally like, but I absolutely love it! Its got great lyrics, and the guitar goes without saying. 9/10

99 in the shade: A great teenage song, which works for me as I'm a teenager! Doesn't seem to be trying to have a deep meaning, its just fab.

Love for sale: The talking bit at the end is what gets me, I love it. How much do I love this song? SO much. I don't quite know how to describe it - but you lot understand I'm sure. Love it. 10/10

Rating: 9/10

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