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"These Days" Review 30 March 2001
Best BONJOVI album

A review by whoaa whoaa

i dont ever believe any album is worth the perfect 10, but in this case i make an exception, its the soundtrack to my life. Right from Hey God to the pounding Something to Believe In, These Days is quality from song to song. Every song has bene put there for a reason and flow very well together like a story or film. Jon called this album 'depressing'....which compare dto Crush it most certainly is, but Bon Jovi are all abou soul and rock 'n' roll...this is the deeper side of bon jovi, not dark, deeper and more emotional. I believe this is where the boys were at their peak, building momentum from crossroads, followed by this pipping michael jackson at no.1 here in the UK, and then the Wembly 95 concert.....these days is a superb package, jon is vocally very strong, richie is powerful, and tico and david are flawless.
These Days - best album of bon jovi

Rating: 10/10

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