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"Crush" Review 30 March 2001
Rocking on

A review by whoaa whoaa

well, thi sis my third straight review so i think ill chill for a while...only after i do this!
Crush is a very different album to those who soaked in These Days and many will not find it very emotionally strong a sthe previous outing. AND IT ISNT. Crush is an album which was soemthing i think the band wanted to do - have fun and rock'n'roll!! The songs do lack that bite and soul of previous albums but its a great fun album which is reflected in the newer sound of bonjovi and the band experimenting new sounds and styles....its almost as if the band has tried to re - inforce who they are to everyone, not just the hard core fans. Its most certainly a likeable album, which everyone can rock too, but it lacks that sparkle and magic of yesteryear. The good points, well it has some storming tracks which will go on their next best of album, period. Its my life is one of their best powerful tracks especially with richie's whoaa whoaa(voice box) making an apperance, its very different to living on a prayer in the sense that either tho tommy and gena are back, and the pattern is very similar, its a straight forward blast without any real soulful and meaningful story behind it like living on a prayer - and ya cant play it acoustic either!!
Just Older - despite the next 100 years having an amazing long solo, just older has a richer and stronger one due to the fact that the song is just so good! The lyrics are meaningful and it represents the tiem Bon Jovi are in now - not old, just older.
One wild night is awesome too, it sounds straight out of slippery when wet, and is a real corker when done live. It typifies the mood of the album and is just a brilliant rock track because its one of those that brings all the crowd together.
Thank You For loving Me is also brilliant as is next 100 years, but i dont think next 100 years is quite brilliant enough to put it on their best of album...either though richie's solo is worth puting the song on the album all by itself!

A great rock album then, one which sounds lighter then other albums but it has enough strong tracks to make it a must buy item.

whoaa whoaaaa

Rating: 9/10

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