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"Crush" Review 30 March 2001
Crush ReViEw

A review by David Beebee /

I though I'd wait and thouroughly absorb the record and live show until i reviewed crush. Or indeed draw my own conclusions.

Overall its a good album - certaintly the most worthy No. 1 album over the last year (i'm from uk - we have lots of shit here!). There is definately a snse of re-marketing them, the slick production and the milder guitar solos. But non-theless this can't get in the way of a good song. And that, is what shines through. It's not really a ROCK album like KTF and These Days, definately more pop. But still very musical.

1. IT's MY LIFE:- Wicked song, really powerfull chorus, shows they can still rock.

2. SAY IT ISN'T SO:- Brilliant lyrics ["found a book of matches from some place we'ave never been"], quirky rhythm and nice variety of vocals. Cracking song - can't see why so many people slate it.

3. THANKYOU FOR LOVING ME:- The power ballad. But like most songs on the album seems watered down from the usual Bon Jovi sound. Still beautiful and rocking. Solo in the old days would have been longer.

4. TWO STORY TOWN:- More great lyrics!! ["there's a girl i sleep with got E eyes"], drones a bit two long but sitll very good and haunting - with a spooky guitar solo.

5. NEXT 100 YRS:- Ah HA good old BON JOVI - BIG sounds fat guitars massive chorus. Double time in the middle for a nice LONG richie solo [a la dry county]. LIVE this is amazing.

6. JUST OLDER:- Another classic REAL Bon Jovi song, this is more like it!!!!!

7. MYSTERY TRAIN:- Beautiful song...just doesn't sound like Bon Jovi.

8. SAVE THE WORLD:- Another big ballad...just seems very strained and tooo sappy. I can't feel the sincerity in this like asy in bed of rosese or always

9. SHE'S A MYSTERY:- For some reason I like this song...again it's not Bon Jovi but it reminds when I was lying on a beach in cyprus sun bathing hiding under a towel half asleep cause I burn easy...LoL Watching my g/friend walk through the waves breaking on the shore......

10. I GOT THE GIRL:- Can't make my mind up about this one..sorry

11. ONE WILD NIGHT:- Old BJ again...wicked live. Powerful..nice cheesy salsa intro!!

12. IF I COULD MAKE A LIVING OUT OF LOVING YOU:- Bad mdeicine/sleep when I'm dead style. good song...bonus for uk cd.

There are some real jems on this album of the true BJ style and sound...and there are some which arn't but they are still really amazing songs. So i love it. I give it 9 cause 10 is reserved for the ultimate These Days.

David Beebee

Oh if you see another crush review by me on here. Ignore it i was probably drunk when i wrote it THIS ONE COUNTS

Rating: 9/10

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