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"Undiscovered Soul" Review 30 March 2001
the soul of the matter

organic rock at it's best

A review by james berryman

So, Riche's 2nd solo effort and quite simply the best.The opening track "Made in America" starts with qutie a rocky feel, but it soon becomes clear that Riches telling us about his 38 years on the planet in detail.( Well he was 38 then 1998)The track moves along nicely with a nice mixture of acoustic guitar and electric, Rich also does well to stear clear of the big chrosus, which a refreshing to the ears.Then into the 1st single "Hard times come easy", a very simular feel to "Made......." but a bit rockier through out, and one hell of a hooky chrosus. "Fallen from graceland" is one for the ladys, and has something almost magical about it, not a big balled, but Riche gets his point across well. Then into the Albums only real Rocker the adaptly named "If god was a women". Riches vocals a amazing and a guest apperance by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith playing bluesy Hamonica mix very well indeed. Next is the albums only real let down, "All that realy matters" as good as it is, it does sound some what dated, a weak melody over some good chord changes. Then, "Your not alone" the intro may sound a little like "Wanted dead or alive" but it doesn't stop this strange sounding track from rocking.Then into "In it for love" a lovely sounding acoustic guitar, good lyrics and a blinding melody, no wonder it was a single. Then into "Chained" a simple try at rocker, that just falls behind the leaders. Leaving us feeling like a break from country rock, Riche goes into "Harlem Rain" a dark yet up lifting acoustic track, pleasant to the ear. The we go even darker with " Who i am" Riche crys out for help with his identy in dark rocker harking back to "My guitar lies bleeding.....". Then, the title track. Rich has alot to live up to with titles tracks such as "These Days and "Destination Anywhere", however, he doesn't disapoint. The high light of the album for me. So overall a great album, very organic,slow in places, but tender to the ears. Though the casual Jovi fan might be put of by the 'NICE' melodies, and acoustic tracks, the hard fans will not be disapointed, a brilliant Record.

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