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"Crush" Review 2 April 2001
Ok , its great

I want the old rockn roll back !!

A review by Brazil /

Ok , what can i say?
Crush really is a great album...But Crush does not sound Like Bon Jovi...It sounds like pop music...There are only 5 songs that saves the entire album
its my life
thank u for loving me ( but always is much better )
just older
capitain crash ( the best song )
one wild night

But i still miss the SWW style that brougth us classics like living on a pryaer , u give love a bad name , wild in streets... and the older tracks like in 7800 : price of love
only lonely...

I still like Bon Jovi a lot...but i feel like hes loosing his identity in order to sell more discs

Still A BJ fan

Bruno Lima

Rating: 7/10

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