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"These Days" Review 4 April 2001
these days of change

Outstanding Record.


These days starts as it means to go on with 'hey god'. A mean and moody track which has Jon crying out the lyrics "Hey god, do you ever think about me" So from the out set, you can see that this record will be quite dark. Or so you would think, the next track " Something for the pain" is a bog standerd pop song, with a catchy chorus and riff.It's almost as if the boys are tyring to confuse us early on, and it works, however the opening two tracks are still very strong songs. Then into the strangly titled song " This ain't a love song", but it is, in every meaning of the word. A nice song, but the weakest out of the two ballads. The best bon jovi song EVER comming up next, the title track "These Days." A song, in short, about Bon jovi's past, how much times have changed, and being just a face in the crowd. This harks back to Jon's early influence BRUCE SPRINGTEEN, with a lovely Hamonica being played on the outro. Next up is the best balled on the album "Lie to me", which jon sings very well indeed. The only real rocker is up next "Dammed", a good song with a ripping guitar solo, but next to the slower tracks, it does stick out a little. "My guitar lies bleeding in my arms" is by far the most depressing song jovi have done, but that don't mean it ain't good, it's a brilliant song basically about jon's 'writers block.' Then into "It's hard letting u go", another down beat track, but it has a little more beauty to it than " My guitar......." , and with lyrics like "I drive all night down streets that wouldn't bend, but somehow they drive me back hear again" you know Jon is actualy in very good frame off mind, despite the depressing songs. Next is "Hearts breaking even", good song, but sounds very Aerosmith, like something off "Get a grip" and of course Mr Jovi is a massive fan of there's. Now after a nice happy song, it's time to be depressed again. No i'm joking, although "Something to beleive in" is another down beat song, it still doesn't sound depressing, the lyrics work great with the chords, and a very strange but cool FEED back solo makes for another very meaningful track. Next "If thats what it takes" brings things back up to speed. A song celebrating the meaning of love, ahhh!! But again, it is a very strong song which jon sings very well, and Riche's harmony rocks on the chorus."Diamond Ring" was a track from the 'NEW JERSEY'sessions, but don't think by that, that it is a rocker, by all means it is probely the slowest most beautiful track the boys have EVER done. No drums and just acoustic guitar, makes for a great song. "Bitter Wine" wrapes up the record nicely. A gentle balled, with heart spokern words. Overall, although I might of said some songs were a little depressing, when you put the whole thing together, you get the best bon jovi album out there. Cool, slick, yet still a bit fuff and ready, "These days" should be in your CD collection, if it isn't, then you are missing out on Bon jovi at their best.

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