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"Bon Jovi" Review 5 April 2001
Vinyl rocks!

A review by Tintin /

Well, I was in this second hand recordstore and by accident i saw the vision of Jon standing in the street with funny looking hair. This was the "Bon Jovi" LP...I didn't hesitate one second...I bought it instantly...
I got home and listened to it...and I knew Runaway since before but I had never heard the rest before. And I just have to say that They rock like h-ll!!! Especially I like Tracks 2,3 and 4:

2, "Roulette":
This is what all music should be like; slowly getting louder and starting off with an exploding guitarsolo! The chorus is good to.

3, "She don't know me":
All of you who don't like the 80's sound won't like this one. I thought I didn't either, but after hearing the chorus in this one I loved it! It reminds me of the girl I like...

4, "Shot trough the heart":
Starts of almost like "Runaway" does I think. And it rocks all the way, I would have liked a bit more backing vocals though, but it's great anyway!

Just as a reminder: Vinyl Rocks!!!

Rating: 8/10

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