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"Keep The Faith" Review 5 April 2001
Wow. Thats all I can say

A review by Emma /

I believe: v. Springsteen, but then springsteen was jons idol, and possibly still is? I don't know. great song, but it always annoys me when albums start with a fade in, as it becomes very difficult to sort out the volume on my CD player, which tends to go a bit mad sometimes. Great song though, and I'm prepared to put up with a bit of annoyance for it. 8/10

Keep the faith: a great song, that can mean so much. I knew this from the first 2 chords when my dad played it in the car without telling me what it was. 9/10
Sleep when I'm dead: A great song, I love the intro, and everything about it basically. Great message, listen to it! 10/10

In these arms: A great lovesong, first three lines are my favourite: you want commitment, take a look into these eyes, they burn with fire...8/10

Bed of roses: such a sad song, but in a positive way, its the kind of thing that isn't really rock, its more emotional, but still amazing. 9/10

If I was your mother: not my favourite song, but its ok. Interesting sentiment, I won't question that. Interesting musical ideas coming out here. 6/10

Dry county: how amazing is this song? That guitar solo - how does he do it? I will be as good as him someday....but not for a long time. Amazing one from richie. Jons vocals amazing too. 10/10

Woman in love:haven't listened to this one much, but it has the energy that the guys do so well. Wouldn't know if its true, because I'm female, but never mind... 8/10

Fear:Again, all the power that sets bon jovi apart from the rest. Quite a short song if I remember rightly, but still very good 8/10

I want you: very sentimental, again not one I've listened to much, but from what I remember very good. 8/10

Blame it on the love of rock and roll: Just like to say, on this site it says that the lyric is "I got my vaccinations on a pornograf needle", actually its "phonograph" as in record player, rather than porn, which, well, isn't. This song shows my exact feelings on music, except for the fact that my teachers don't mind my long hair, cos I'm a girl. They don't neccesarily like me, however ;o) 11/10

Little bit of soul: Again, not listened to this much, but from what I've heard I love it. 9/10

Please feel free to email me with comments etc, though I have to warn you if I get any offensive emails I will block you without hesitating. Enjoy the album!

Rating: 10/10

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