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"These Days" Review 7 April 2001
Before you write it off, LISTEN TO IT MORE THAN ONCE...IT IS AMAZING!

One of the most powerful albums I've ever heard...

A review by SaraCat /

When I first popped "These Days" into my CD player, I got the initial impression that it was simply a ballad-heavy mediocre album in which the songs all seemed to blend endlessly together. Thank GOD I decided to give it a fair chance and listen to it more than once! The meaning, the emotion, the power behind this album is simply amazing...if you listen to it and simply think "This is very depressing" then you're not appreciative about the emotional intensity...I'll review the songs individually...

1. Hey God- The first song that got my attention once played a second time. I was surprised to hear Jon sound so angry, but it echoed the way I have often felt. Everyone has been frustrated and questioned God (or whatever deity they worship) at one time or another. The furious way Richie attacks his guitar showcases the message the song is trying to get out: frustration and anger....perfect for rock'n roll!

2. Something for the Pain- Not one of my favourites actually...still, it has a good beat and rythm...I like it.

3. This Aint A Love Song- An amazingly heartwrenching ballad! In my opinion, ballads in rock music have gotten a bad rap...they shouldn't....Bon Jovi is perfectly capable of being a fierce romantic as well as a die hard rocker and this song proves it...

4. These Days-My absolute favourite song on this album! I can't stress enough how much I love this's so melencholy, so poignant, so true! Lyrics like "don't you know that all my hero's died?" and "no one wants to be themselves these days" just send chills up my spine. And the fact that there's a glimmer of hope amidst the despair of this song makes it even better..."The stars aint out of reach/there aint a laddar on the streets"...happiness is there, you just have to work a bit harder to get it.....amazing!

5. Lie to Me-Again, not one of my faves, but still pretty. I love Richie's background vocals. This one lacks some of the emotion of the others...or maybe it's just cause it follows These Days...

6. Damned- A fun sounding rock's placed perfectly amongst the many ballads and emotionally charged songs to remind us that Bon Jovi are still WICKED ROCKERS!! Also, the guitar! Way to go Richie!

7. My Guitar Lies Bleeding in My Arms- A HIGHLY under-rated song...I've heard people say it's is NOT boring. As a writer, I know what it feels like to stare at a blank page and feel it mock you. Bon Jovi captures this feeling well in a very sultry, angsty voice...I also LOVE the harmony between him and Richie at the end of the song....WOW!

8. It's Hard Letting You Go- Usually I fastforward past this song...that's not to say I don't like it. I do. It's just a little bit too slow...still, the raw intensity in which Jon sings 'it's tearing out my heart' are melt-worthy...sigh...very very sexy Jon!

9. Hearts Breaking Even- A nice, average mid-tempo song that I personally like. I would even venture forth and say this one has the most positive message other than Diamond Ring...two people breaking up aimiably because they've grown apart...nice message, catchy, singable tune...

10. Something to Believe In- WOW! Again with the raw this song, we get someone desperately singing a lifeline of faith to cling to....the piano, Richie's background yells, the strength of Jon's voice and the message of the song make it impossible to write off....

11. If That's What It Takes- A perfect example of the raw, intense and die-hard romantic in Jon Bon, he professes to break through to someone no matter what "do I have to break down, baby just to break through"....the idea of letting go of ones own walls and insecurities just to reach through to another person is a nice one and wonderfully showcased here...

12. Diamond Ring- I HATED this one at first, but after listening to it a few more times grew to like it quite a bit. The lyrics are quite simplistic, but Jon and Richie's harmony is again evident and that's what makes it so likeable.

All in all, an amazing album that has been for some reason, amazingly underrated...come on people....can't you see the genious of These Days? Sure, it's not happy-go-lucky Slippery When Wet, but that's the beauty of it...explore Jon's dark side! :)

Rating: 9/10

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