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"These Days" Review 7 April 2001
One of the bests!!!!Thank you BJ!!

pessimistic, optimistic, hope,!!

A review by Mar1ke - the Jovi Junkie /


Altough I'm a very young fan, I'm only fifteen years old, I think i can say something about These days..
I've got all their albums and I definately think Tese days is the best next to Slippery when wet.
Maybe because of my age (I'm, fifteen) the lyrics fits perfectly to my situation..
Espacially hey God and Something to believe in.
I'm a Catholic, but obe with a lot of doubts. Is there heaven, does God actually exicsts? Thoses songs are just the questions I ask myself and tyhe things I say to myself.
These days is teh confusion of wanting to know who you are, wich i feel really strong.

HEY GOD: Like I said, this song perfectly fits in how i feel and I scream the lyrics while jogging all alone in the early hours of the morning when there's no one around..

SOMETHING FOR THE PAIN: this is the happiets somg on the album, I feel great listening to this in the morning when i wake up and think "Damned, another school day". It's the perfect song after Hey God, otherwise you would feel sad..

THIS AIN'T A LOVE SONG: love the lyrics in this song, if it ain't a love song, what is it?? love it, no other words for it..not as good as Always, but that's just because I got some special memeories on it.

THESE DAYS: feesl like this at soem pint in his/her life, so everybody knows what they are singing and that makes it so great..

lIE TO MIE: one of my favourites, Jon' s sexy voice is so sewwt and powerful on this song..there's only love on this song, love and desire..

DAMNED: Love this one, you can scream and shout with it when you feel angry.this is rock 'n roll!

AS MY GUITAR LIES BLEEDING IN MY ARMS: Wow!!! That's all I ca sya about wow wow wow wow wow (a thousand times)

(IT'S HARD) LETTING YOU GO: I used to skip this one, but after listening it very carefully i started liking this one and now I'm singing ot all day long, I can't get it off my mind...

HEARTS BREAKING EVEN: what a great ballad, love!!

SOMETHING TO BELIVE IN: What can I say about it after all those people told already what I think and after i said smth about it, really fits in my feelings and i think in those of a lot of people

iF THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES: great song about the willing of people and cannot breaking that

DIAMOND RING: loev the lyric " You know, I bleed every night you sleep
'Cause I don't know if I'm in your dreams
I want to be your everything..."

BITTER WINE : great end of a perfect album!! I cried the fist thime I heard it..

greetz Marike

Rating: 10/10

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