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"Crush" Review 8 April 2001
songs 'n' lyrics

what I think!

A review by Krupipops /

I only recently became a BJ fan, mainly because of the song "Its My Life" BJ dont have much of a fan base where I live, in Malawi, I suppose coz its such an out of the way place - never get any concerts here or anything.
Anyways, I think that Crush is a really really good album, but I have now also listened to crossroads - BJ has the greatest songs on there! The best thing about their songs HAS to be the lyrics - they write about love as if they mean it, none of this cliched stuff thats in all the other songs nowadays. They also write about life as if they believe in it, which makes a change......their songs are all about meanings, and I think this is what makes the difference. Also, to say "Thank you for loving me" to anyone takes a lot of courage- and this makes the song special...
Always has got to be one of the best songs of all time!

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