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"New Jersey" Review 12 April 2001
Bon Jovi at their best

A review by Michi /

Hereīs a review of what I think is the best CD ever thatīs out there!!!

Lay your Hands on me: 9/10
I like that one very much, especially the end as it gets more and more powerful.

Bad Medicine: 8/10
I usually skip over that, though itīs a great song. I guess I donīt listen to the Record Version not that much because itīs played on every concert and itīs on every Live record that I have.

Born to be my Baby: 11/10!!
Thatīs my all time favourite song!!! I like everything about this one!!!!!!!!!!!!

Livin in Sin: 10/10
Another great song.Thereīs nothing to say against this one. "....sometimes it scares me"

Blood on Blood: 9/10
A great song about friendship, I personally like the Live Version better!!

Homebound Train: 10/10
Some people think that this one is the weakest song on the record. I think itīs one of the best!!!Itīs such a powerful song, where I have to sing along everytime I hear it.

Wild is the wind: 10/10
I guess this one is my second favourite after Born to be my Baby. Especially Richieīs Intro is sooo great. Maybe I should give this also a 11/10!!!

Ride Cowboy Ride: 10/10
The fact that it wasnīt record in Stereo brings this special feeling. Itīs like you see Jon and Richie on a camp fire and sing this song.

Stick to your Guns: 10/10
This is also a song that brings special feelings to me. Whenever I hear this song, I think about the New Jersey "Era", maybe because of the Video "Access all Areas"

Iīll be there for you: 10/10
Thatīs my favourite ballad(Bed of Roses is #2)This song has everything a good ballad should have.

99 in the Shade: 10/10
Also a sing-along-song everytime I hear it. "I got a party in my pocket and you know I just got paid and Iīm feeling fine itīs 99 in the Shade"

Love for Sale: 10/10
Iīm glad the guys didnīt make a Studio Version of this and kept the Demo, it couldnīt have been made better!!! Great talk between Richie and Jon.

Rating: 10/10

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