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"Crush" Review 13 April 2001
I want the 80's back

A review by Dan /

Crush is a great album, but if you know Bon Jovi like I do, you know they can do better. I mean think of all the albums, from Bon Jovi all the was to These Days. They are all ROCK AND ROLL albums. And you can tell they are by the message they send and the type of music. But it seems like the Jovs have toned down a notch. Jon still sends a powerful message with his lyrics, but the music has definatly gone to a more pop style. Here are my thoughts on the music of Crush.

"It's My Life"11/10
This is one of the most powerful BJ songs out there. It has a strong meaning, and it helped me out of a bad situation. My girlfriend cheated on me and then apologized and then did it again and then went with the other guy. I was so down that I couldn't eat or sleep for days on end. But then one moring I put Crush in and I played "It's My Life." And just listening to the message of how you have to take your life and live it your way and stand up when they are callin you out, made me get around and go to school that day with a good attitide. From that moment on, I did do it MY WAY. And I felt great. In a way, I have kinda made the song my theme for life.

"Say It Isn't So"7/10
This is one of the ok songs on the album, it isn't bad, but it isn't the best either. It is okay to listen to if you have time, but I usually skip past it.

"Thank You For Loving Me"9/10
This song is one of the best ones that Jon ever wrote. I espessially like the acaustic version with just Richie and Jon. Although it pales in comparison to ballads like "Bed of Roses" and "I'll Be There For You," it still is a great song to listen to and sing at the top of your lungs on the higher notes in your car.

"Two Story Town"9/10
This is a great song with a good beat to keep with and sing. The guitar is fantastic, and I love how Jon sings.

"Next 100 Years"8/10
This song is good to listen to, espessially when the guitar solo comes in. I really like the chorus and I could just dance my head off when Richie does the solo.

"Just Older"10/10
This is a song that is just plain opd flat out great. Jon really hit hard with his lyrics in this one, they are great. This song is kind of their anthem, it is for the fans tht have been along with him since the beginning, and didn't give up after the bad times.

"Mystery Train"6/10
This is what I mean when I say that his music has changed, this one doen't at all like New Jersey or SWW. It just isn't "big" if you know what I mean. Songs like "Sleep When I'm Dead" and "Lay Your Hands On Me" are big.

"Save The World"7/10
This is a good song, but agian, nothing like SWW.

"Captian Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars"10/10
This is a great song with a great beat with great lyrics with great music and great everything, I espessially like Richie's guitar parts.

"She's a Mystery"1/10
This song in my opinion, is the worst song ever written by Jon. It is way to draggy and boring. I just don't like it at all.

"I Got the Girl"8/10
This song is good for listening anytime, it has good music and a good beginning.

"One Wild Night"10/10
This song is my second favorite on the album. I always liked it, but when I saw them come out to it at Wilkes-Barre, PA, I could not get enough of it. Sometimes I just turn it on and close my eyes and pretend that I am actually there at the concert goin nuts for my fav guys.

All in all , Crush passes my test. Though it is nothing comparred to New Jerset or SWW, it is still a good listen and a great buy. I was born in 1986 and by then Bon Jovi was already big. I never started listening to him till a few years ago, I think it was around when Crossroads came out. I know all thier songs and albums, and I even have the imports and stuff like that. Bon Jovi Is the best band ever to walk God's green earth and I predict that they will always be around and makin more and more and more hits.

Rating: 7/10

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