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"Crush" Review 14 April 2001

...because this is not them :(

A review by Fred75 /

This is really so sad!
They are one of the biggest rock bands in the world and I just don't see the reason why they changed everything. Not enough energy, poor lyrics, strange mix of musical influences, and then, the look that doesn't suit them. WHY IS JON NOT SMILING ANYMORE?? What is this strange look on his face supposed to mean? Positive energy is what made me love them so much. Now they're trying to look 'cool' and be what they can never be.

Let's be honest, most of his real fans are disappointed by CRUSH, but rare are the ones that will admit it. It's hard for me also. I want good old guys to be back... just five years, nothing more. 'THESE DAYS' was such an honest record with great thoughts and fantastic music. IT'S MY LIFE is a strong track, the others are not. I even miss the good ballads which is unbelievable for Bon Jovi, who are kings of rock ballads. 'THANK YOU' is too sweet and it's made to repeat success of ALWAYS and make money, it's not from the heart. STAY (B side of SIIS) is much stronger and better, why did they leave it out?! NEUROTICA is what we need in CRUSH listings also!!! Not 'SAVE THE WORLD' because nobody buys that shit, and who needs a song like that!?!?! It's pathetic!

I really think that Jon and the guys decided this time to earn as much money as possible by listening to someone's advice, not their own hearts. WE WANT THEM BACK.

It's not fair because of the fans who were there all the time, and who will buy the record whatever they put on it.
If they ever read this (which I hope will happen), I would just tell them one thing:

Don't make experiments. Stick to what you're good at, because you're the best at what you do!!!

Let's be honest, Bon Jovi who tries to imitate new brit-pop bands just looks sad!!!

Give us a new album and be Bon Jovi again - we'll all close our eyes and pretend it's 1996!

We really do keep the faith...

Rating: 4/10

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