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"Crush" Review 14 April 2001
Crush is indeed a very different sound...that is a good thing!

The 80's are long gone and the band knows it. Their sound is new, different, but still BON JOVI!

A review by SaraCat /

While I will say it's not my favourite CD, I definately do not think it is weaker than all the others. I have read the reviews complaining that they are not being true to their original sound and that they've changed and are no longer a rock'n roll band...hello! Have you people even heard the CD? They haven't "sold out", they've gotten a grasp of the music market for the new millenium and are using it to their advantage. They are working within the pop genre which is popular right now, but remaining true to their sound. CRUSH is an excellent CD! Not all their songs are huge hits, but then again, no CD is perfect.

"These Days" is my favourite, but I will be the first to say there are some songs I don't really care for. Here's what I think of CRUSH for each song.

It's My Life: An excellent instant Bon Jovi classic hit. You can't go wrong with this song. It's fun, it's upbeat, it's uplifting. I have heard people complain about how their lyrics used to contain strong social messages and the ones on CRUSH were too friviolous....that is seriously not the case. It's My Life for example had a very strong social message and still managed to be a great rock tune. It is NOT a throwback to "Livin' on A Prayer" just because Tommy
and Gina are mentioned, it's a salute to anyone who has ever decided to take control and damn the consequences.... you can't hate this song...

Say It Isn't So: OK, more pop than rockish, but still clearly and essentially BON JOVI....nice message, fun beat...I cannot listen to this song without singing's just a really fun, catchy song. Still the same Jon, still the same Richie. I for one like the new style. It's different and unique yet still them at the very core.

Thank You For Loving Me: An amazingly powerful ballad. In my opinion nobody does ballads like Bon Jovi...nobody and this one is no exception. The guitar wasn't as heavy as some ballads like "Bed of Roses", "Always" or "This Aint A Love Song" but that did not hinder it's power. A beautiful message and another instance in which Jon (obviously a 'tough guy' *snicker*) is not afraid to show the audience that he is also an unabashed romantic. To thank someone for loving them? WOW.

Two Story Town: One of my absolute favourites on the album...I don't understand how anyone could NOT like this song! It perfectly describes the town that I live in which is slightly why I get such a kick out of it. I don't think that the background vocalists were needed in this song however. I thought they took away from it. Still, it's catchy and absolutely impossible to get out of your head once it's in there...but then again, why would you want it out?

The Next 100 Years: I LOVE the lyrics to this song....their great! I LOVE Richie's solo (absolutely mind blowing...can't wait to see it live) and the message is way cool. The only problem I have with this one is the strings in the background. I don't think they fit very well....just seemed a little out of place. I dunno, maybe that's just because strings in their music are unfamiliar territory.... not complaining though. I said I wanted them to move on, and this is what they are doing. This is a great song....

Just Older: Again, instant classic, amazing lyrics. I saw an installment of storytellers on Much More Music (local video channel) and Jon said that at first, he was hesitant about the title of the song because he was afraid it would turn people off. He thought they would think 'Oh, Jon's getting old, he's 38'....then he said 'like a fine wine they just keep getting better' and in my opinion that sums up this album. Just older is fast paced, it's a very personal song and it makes the fans feel like we know them and gives us a look into their personal thoughts and feelings about their life. It makes me proud that they've gotten this far, and admire them quite a bit. It's hard for bands to make it and even harder for them to last. Just Older says 'hey look, we've made it, we don't have anything to prove...this is us take us or leave us and we're gonna have fun'.

Mystery Train: I love the lyrics to this one. It's not one of the stronger songs musically, but definately not one I would flip past. Again, it shows off their more mature style. Slippery When Wet was a great album, but essentially they were just little boys goofing off and acting tough. Now, they can make a song like Mystery Train and not worry that it's not 'hard rock'. They are adults, not 23 year olds and I find this song intelligent and well written.

Save The World: Not as strong a ballad as Thank You For Loving Me, but still a beautiful song. I really like the strings in this one. It's a very triumphant sounding song and it's really uplifting and inspiring to hear. Something you listen to on a summer day while dreaming of the person you will someday meet that will help you feel like you can save the world.

Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars: OK, just one thing to say about the lyrics for this song...the hell?!? When I first saw this song on Napster I didn't even think it was by them...I mean what kind of obscure title is that? Especially coming from a band who's lyrics ALWAYS mean something and ALWAYS serve a specific purpose. I thought I wouldn't like it at all. I was very very wrong. The lyrics still puzzle me and the song continues to make no sense. Still, it's such a fun rock piece. I think they just put it on the album for a lark, and that's all it is. Pure, fluffy catchy fun!

She's A Mystery: Probably the slowest Bon Jovi song ever made. The guitar is almost non existent and the largest example of the band trying to change their style for this album. Still, it's an excellent song. Not my favourite on
this album and certainly not a favourite overall, but definately not the immense flop that everyone made it out to be. Yes it's slow, but it's also very soothing, very calm, reflective and romantic. Just because they are rock
doesn't mean they can't experiment. I can see two lovers listening to this song on a wintery night when they are inside, sitting in front of a roaring fire. The atmosphere of this song is what makes it beautiful.

I Got the Girl: Hmm, the only song I really don't care for lyrically. It doesn't fit with their more mature image. Still, it has a nice beat and it's fun to listen to. Can't really think of much more to say. Probably my least favourite on the album.

One Wild Night: WOW! Gives a whole new meaning to 'last but certainly not least' doesn't it? Fast paced, driving, and very very catchy! Something that makes you just want to get up and dance. It pounds inside of you... definatley the closest song so far to their past style yet still very clearly more advanced. I love it and again, can't wait to see it live.

Bonus-I Could Make A Living Out of Loving You: Pretty good rock song... nice lyrics, fun sound...all in all good although I can see why it's only a bonus track.

OK, now that I've bored everyone to death, feel free to comment on this review. I think CRUSH is an excellent move forward and in no way compromises their position as the great rock and roll band ever! The vocals still rock, the songs are still great, the lyrics still wonderful and Richie's guitar still screaming. Plus the piano was featured a lot more here and this was nice.

Bottom Line: Not the flop everyone thinks if one can listen with an open mind and an understanding that the 80's are GONE! Welcome to the year's pretty sweet.


Rating: 8/10

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