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"Keep The Faith" Review 14 April 2001
The one and only masterpiece of 1992? I Believe it is

I believe...

A review by Steffen Risager /

At first I would like to say, that I've had this album for almost a year now, and never really bothered to get into it. Why? I don't know. Now, I can kick myself for not listening to it sooner. It's not a new SWW or NY. It's Keep the faith...

1# I believe: Great rock song. Great opener. Great track. Especially the guitar solo is fantastic. The first thing I really liked about Livin' was the guitar solo, before getting into the other parts of the song. Now Livin' is my favorite song way above all the other. Could this be a sign. I Believe it could be :) 10/10

2# KTF: I don't know why I don't really like this song. I think it's overrated. It's ok, but overrated. 7/10

3# I'll sleep when I'm dead: Damn. You guys must be tired :) well anyway another great track. Not at the hight of I believe, but still great. 9/10

4# In these arms. The first time I heard this song. What the heck? Is this Bon Jovi? This song really sux. Now I really love it. Again - the guitar solo is fantastic. 10/10

5# Bed of roses: It used to be my favorite, before my first BJ concert in Gothenburg last year. Now it's far from being a favorite, but I might get back into it someday, so I'll give it 8/10

6# If I was your mother: I don't quite know, why people don't like this song. It's so classic rock, that can't be made any better (Methaphoric speaking, of course :) ). It's just so cool. 10/10

7# Dry County: The epic song by Bon Jovi. When I hear the word epic or sentimental (!) I think of this song. It's so... what can I say... epic. I don't know how they did it, but I'm happy they did do it. 10/10

8# Woman in love. A good piece over average. Good rock song. Don't know, what to say about it. 8/10

9# Fear: Average rock song. Nothing to say about that. 6/10

10# I want you: This one's just a little above average, so nothing special to say about it. 7+/10

11# Now this is what is not making me stop the cd player if I'm lying on the cauch. Great rock track. 10/10

12# Good finisher. Reminds me a little about the last one of NY "Love for sale", by going down in speed and "fading" away to make a perfect end of the cd.

...and they kept the faith from their many fans. They'll probably never get back to a cd like Slippery, but that's logic for everybody. This (and the other albums by BJ) is the closest you can get to the classic from 1986.

Rating: 10/10

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