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"Slippery When Wet" Review 17 April 2001
Caution: Great Music Ahead...oh yeah, and Slippery When Wet

Noth'n Fancy...just pure Rock'n Roll!

A review by SaraCat /

There is absolutely no doubt anywhere, that this is the album that made Bon Jovi one of THE greatest rock bands ever. There's really no question as to why...the answer is simple. This album wasn't laden with heavy social commentary, or tons of certainly wasn't deep in terms of lyrics and the meaning of the songs. It was huge, because it was a positive, fun, no holds barred, heavy guitar rock fest sung by a bunch of twenty-something year olds who just wanted to make music and have fun. Simple, but that's what makes this album so charming. Still, despite it's obvious appeal, there are some songs on here that sound a little too alike to make it a perfect Bon Jovi CD. My song rating is as follows:

1. Let It Rock: A good rock piece, but a little bit typical. It's fun to listen to, but there's nothing really unique or outstanding about this track. I don't think it should have been the first one on the CD personally. It's obviously a filler song and therefore should come later on.

2. You Give Love A Bad Name: A Bon Jovi classic! What's not to like about this one? It starts out powerful and doesn't quit. The guitar is driving, the lyrics fierce and the beat is hard to get out of your head. You'll be singing bad name for quite some time after hearing it. This should have been the first song on the sure would have gotten people's attention better than Let It Rock.

3. Living On A Prayer: Without a doubt, THE most famous Bon Jovi song ever....and for damn good reason to! You'll fall in love with Tommy and Gina as well as their struggle the moment you hear this song. It embodies everything the average person feels during their struggle to meet ends meet. The fierce desire that Tommy and Gina have to hold on to one another make this song unforgettable. Truly a classic. "You live for the fight when it's all that you've got"....

4. Social Disease: I've heard this one criticized because of the slightly risque noises at the beginning of it...I say so what? They were trying to make a name...most bands did that by shocking the audience. At least they weren't biting the heads off of rubber bats! Personally, I like this song. It's fairly frivilous, and the lyrics fairly mysognistic, but it's fun and the way Jon says "nothin' a shot can't cure" at the end, is the icing on the cake...

5. Wanted Dead Or Alive: This song gave me a whole new appreciation for the cowboy lifestyle which up until I heard it had me thinking it was a stupid little boy's fantasy....I tell you, after hearing this one, I realized that cowboys are far cooler than I thought...and far may be wanted dead or alive Jon, but we like you better alive!

6. Raise Your Hands: People have said this is exactly like Let It Rock, but I disagree. I like this one far better and think that it was a good choice to start out the second side of the tape (on CD's this is a moot point.) Anyway, I really like this embodies everything Bon Jovi is...from New Jersey to Tokyo people...raise you hands!

7. Without Love: Semi-ballad-y, semi-rock, this song is average in terms of some of the others on this album, but still enjoyable to hear. It'll never be a 'classic', but I certainly wouldn't skip past it. It has a hummable tune, and it's just fast enough to avoid being a ballad, yet still slow enough to qualify. Good stuff.

8. I'd Die For You: My favourite song on this entire album! The lyrics, the ferocity in which they are sung and the romantic sentiment behind it, are simply mind-blowing. It was never a 'classic', but I think it should be. 'I'd Die For You'...that entire statement alone says it all...who wouldn't want someone with that conviction? Flowers be damned!

9. Never Say Goodbye: The only song on this album that I really don't care for. It's too sounds specifically as if it were written for high school dances and I find it overplayed and slightly sappy. Thank God their ballads get better in their later albums...

10. Wild in the Streets: A great way to end off a great album. This song is fun, simple, and joyful rock'n roll. It makes one think of their own hometown and their own way of having fun in their youth. Perfect for the old, the young, whatever....solid ending.

Although it had some great, memorable songs on it, it was far from being perfect. Funtime Rock'n Roll can only go so needed a little heart to it as well. Thankfully this was remedied in their next album, making this one a testament to the time period. The 80's were all about good times, and rock music! Long live Slippery When Wet!


Rating: 8/10

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