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"Crush" Review 18 April 2001

A review by mr.noticedsomething

The new Bon Jovi record...its cool. The good news is that it's not swamped with love ballads...the bad news is that those ballads are what the band does best. Thats what people want, they want the "Bed of Roses" , "I'll Be There For You", and the "Always" tunes all over again, and this record does not do that. You get one strong, solid, test of time ballad: "Thank You For Loving Me." This suits me fine because as a result, you pay more attention to those non-ballads, which deserve proper recognition(and radio play), such as "Just Older" and "One Wild Night". But this brings us back to the problem, as I stated earlier, Bon Jovi is notorious for that beautiful ballad that puts the ladies on cloud 9...but according to concert setlists, are not playing too many of those ballads these days. In other words, the boys want to be rockers, not "romeos". Don't believe it? Well, check out's section with the concert setlists. "Always" was played like once, during the first leg of the tour, if at all. "Bed of Roses"? a couple of times too, if you're BJ website, may I add) beautifully breaks it down, listing % of times each song was played. Try this, write down your all time favorite Bon Jovi ballads of all time, then check out the % of times your ballads were'll be surprised...I was. I'll be a the Anaheim show on 4/20. Will it be great? Yes. Will they pack the setlist bleed with those top 40 love ballads? Probably not. Crush is a "Rock" record, and not a "Romeo" record. Will some people be disappointed...probably. Can Bon Jovi rough side overshadow the "romeo" side, hard to say, but if you've been around since the early 80's and you're selling out arenas during the britney/n'sync area, they can do whatever they's there life. Crush is a job well done.

Rating: 7/10

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