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"Crush" Review 21 April 2001
adrenylin crush!

i'ts fast,it's strong,it's slow but that's not wrong, it's in my head.... yep this is THE one!

A review by i'm jovi 'till i die! /

as i wright this ,'it's my life' play's, a great start, as good as , track 1 on 'new jersey'.full of energy,takes you back to your youth,a safe bet,but true & classic jovi,can't be forgotten! 17\20 rated.

'say it isn't so' catchey ,more pop than rock,love how backing vocals compliment lead vocals,great video to this the second single from crush,there just hav'in fun with this ,really solid,& a good pop song. 15\20 rated.

'thank you for loving me' play's as it sounds,a ballad,i just don't know about this one,sometimes ye,sometimes it's a maybe,sometimes i skip it, not there best ballad,third single,terrible video,i don't know a weak link i'd say. 9\20 rated.

'two story town' & 'next 100 years' greaqt rock songs that yer can't help go along with,great verses,great vocals, great solo's,the backbone of crush! 15\20 rated

'just older' is one of those tracks that hit me imedietly,do you know or work with (wet behind the ear) teenager's,well tell them your not old....just older!it's a great song,on cd , & live. 17\20 rated.

'mystery train' slow one but you can't help go with the flow ,it has a mystery about it,like it a lot. 17\20 rated.

'save the world' sounds like a film sound track, has an early jovi, rousing ending to it,it's not bad ,but not a world beater, also contains an'ooooh! baby bit to it! 10\20 rated.

'captain crash & the beauty queen from mars' would'nt beleive it's from bon jovi,"she wears a plastic crown like cinderella' & roller skates in bed" &"mixed up like a milk shake'but make no mistake,crash is looking like star" my favourite track on the cd 19\20 rated.

'she's a mystery' another slow one, quite good easier to follow than last track, like it 46\20 rated.

'i got the girl' ok rock song,13\20 rated.

'one wild night' a rocker& a good one at that, i know what i like, & i know i like this'18 \20.

bonus track not too good. overall best bj album to dat.

overall ratin 18\20

Rating: 9/10

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