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"These Days" Review 21 April 2001
bon jovi the best one yet

my fave album by far

A review by michael /

we'll what can i say this album came out @ a reallt bad time in my life my girlfriend died of cystic fybroses not long after it came out
and it helped me through the wort times
i'll start with hey god what a song the lyrics are just out of tis world it's just a god rock song for thats time with a good meaning
then this ain't a love song
this song was one of the last one's i ever danced to with my girl so it means alot to me it was just another balled by the boy's but let's be hounest these boy's write the best balled's well in my eye's at least
lie to me is another one of them balled for tommy and gina
but a good one with a real good meaning the song's on this album that got me through my bad times have got to be
hard letting you go
as my gutiar lies bleeding in my arm's
bitter wine
and something to belive in
but i can't slag of any of the song's because i think this was the best album that bon jovi have ever done
i still play it every week no matter what
it was just a shame that they came back with a album like crush

most of this most probily don't make sense but hey
if this album does to anyone what it did to me then they will know what i mean

but the best song i have saved till last

bitter wine
it just make's the hairs on the back of my neck stand up
i am s song writer and singer and am recording a semo album soon and i must say that if it was not for theses days
i whould'nt be doing it
this is the best album for me

Rating: 10/10

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