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"These Days" Review 27 April 2001
The best CD in the world

A review by Lisa /

I dicovered the group Bon Jovi in 1995 when I started listen to These Days. The first song which got my intention was the track titel song These days. David Bryan's pianointro is amazing. I loved that song from first time I heard it. It's so sad. By that time I hadn't discovered the rest of the album, but after a while I realized what a treasure it was. The album These Days includes much more ballads than the other Bon Jovi records and is less rocking. It's just to bad that the group decided to go back to the Slippery when wet thing, with Crush. I would really have loved a more These Days and Keep the faith inspiered album.

Here is my thoughts about the songs:

Hey God, at first I didn't like the intro...but now I love it. The lyrics are really touching. 9/10

Something for the pain, This is a really great song, but I don't like the intro. I don't know why, it's just not my stile. But the rest of the song is great, especially the part in the end when Richie sings. 9/10

This ain't a love song, another monsterballad by bon jovi. I don't know any other band who are so good at writing ballads.10/10

These Days, as I said before, the intro is one of the best I've ever heard. 10/10

Lie to me and It's hard letting you go, both of them are good ballads 8/10

Damned, I didn't like this song at all until they played it live on their concert in Sweden last year. When I say how fun they had when they played it, I changed my view. 6/10

My guitar lies bleeding..., the lyrics are very different, a great idea to write about how hard it can be to actually write a song. 9/10

Hearts breaking even and if that's what it takes. Not my favourites but they are really ok. 8/10

Something to belive in, this is one of the best songs I know. I love all the songs when Jon really have to fight to sing the high tones....and he certainly has to in this song, and in the background you hear Richie shouting Hey, Hey, Hey, Heey... just amazing 11/10

Diamond ring, the bass on this song is great...Huey does a good job. 8/10

All I want is everything, the only song on the album I don't like at all... 2/10

Bitter wine, a good end on a fantastic album... 8/10

I listen to this album almost every week...and I hope you like as much as I do. One reason why I like it so much is perhaps that it didn't get so good rewievs as their previes albums...and that has made it my own sort of goldmine.

Rating: 10/10

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