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"Keep The Faith" Review 27 April 2001
Empowering Messages to Youth

A review by Christina Del Corpo /

I haven't been a fan for as long as many, but that is only because i was born the year their first album came out. But I have heard all of their albums and Keep the Faith has to be the one of the best.

I only really started listening to them when I heard Bed of Roses. From thew moment I heard it, I've never stopped listening to it. But it is not why I think this album is so great. I think that Keep the Faith is an amazing song of hope and it is so empowering telling it's listeners that things may get really bad at times but we just have to hang in there. The entire album is so positive and the music is just so beautiful. I bought it recently and I haven't stopped listening to it. Keep the Faith has really helped me in reflecting on life. I can get so caught up in my meager problems but then I am reminded that there are people around the world who are suffering and they haven't given up hope. My brother was recently looking for a song written about faith for his religion class and I immediatly suggested it to him. And I suggest to anyone who's ever in the dumps to take it out and play it.

Rating: 10/10

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