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"Crush" Review 29 April 2001
Pretty nice but....

A review by Ethel /

Bon Jovi's back with new album Crush but somehow lost that 'rock element'.

1) It's my life-Pretty Ok song, gets one going for sometime, and the music itself is quite enticing.7/10

2) Say it isn't so-The lyrics sounds a little strange to me, but all in all, still doing fine.6/10

3)Thank you for loving me-This one's good, a heartbreaking ballad that is one of the few songs in the album that i like.9/10

4) Two story town- Hmmm, this song is not Bon Jovi style, sounds like it was very much affected by Pop music.4/10

5)Next 100 years-Nothing much to say about this one.5/10

6)Just older- Nice, but not good.6/10

7)Mystery train-Fine.6/10

8)Save the world-Hey, this is a good one too, nice music and lyrics.9/10

9) Captain Crash and the beauty queen from Mars- Have i heard this somewhere before?7/10

10)She's a mystery-No comments on this one.5/10

11) I got the girl-No, i don't like this one, especially the lyrics, this is one song i felt could have been excluded from the album.3/10

12) One wild night-I like this song, pretty much rock and i am beginning to see some similarity with Bon Jovi's previous albums.9/10

Overall, this is an album that is still good, but looks like Bon Jovi is drifting away from their original style of music.

Rating: 6/10

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