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"Crush" Review 1 May 2001
Destination Anywhere

This is emotional eden

A review by Bē /

This is an incredible album...dark and moody like These Days. Infact I liken the mood very much to TD but the produciton and sound of the album is more alt.rock with "tracked" drum loops mixed with live ones etc.

The lyrics on the album are what make me listen to it over and over though, from the self critical satire of Queen of New Orleans "our loves just like your songs, the beat aint bad but the words are all wrong" the savage beauty of "God closed his eyes".

I'll start from the top:

1: QUEEN OF NEW ORLEANS:- WICKED rocking song, kick-ass production and amusing lyrics.

2: JANNIE DONT YOU.... :- Such a beautiful song, yet not really a ballad. A great song to sing to, again the lyrics are masterfull.

3. MIDNIGHT IN CHEALSEA:- Perhaps my least fav' on the album..but i cant tell why. Maybe cause it kind of wanders. I dont feel it goes its a commentary of a city in the UK..hmm not sure I agree with all of it but the line "old man with the whisky stains" is particulary nice.

4. UGLY:- The first STELLAR track. This is a short simple arrangement (guitar drums bass keys), with amazing lyrics..prooving simplicty can be very sincere. "I wish I was a camera I could take your picture with my mind" Aww gorgeous!

5. STARING AT YOUR WINDOW.. :- The second outstanding song. The laid back melancholy is overwhelming...and the line "Our song is over, this band of gold has been feeling like a noose" is one of the most accepting sad truths i ever heard...brings a sad tear to my eye..

6. EVERY WORD WAS A PIECE OF MY HEART:- I love this song but it does sound similar to the previous one...i think it should have been placed futher apart.

7. IT'S JUST ME:- great grinding slow song with a nice bass pedal (continuous repetetive note for the uninitiated), and a killer guitar solo at the end.

8. DESTINATION ANYWHERE:- What a title track! A nice driving groove..and the way JON plays with the tonality between the verse and the chorus really gives the song that emotion charge as it heads into the chorus. Topped off with a line like "Hey babe it's me parked outside your house.." It is certiantly a deserving title track.

9. LEARNING HOW TO FALL:- Such a cool song..nice and honest about falling properly for the 1st time.

10. NAKED:- Reminds me of track 1. a good thing though..its cool to bring things back up to speed. Amusing lyrics again.

11. LITTLE CITY:- Another gorgeous haunting track. I can actually picture sitting in a cab in the middle of the night at a red light in the pouring rain in somewhere like new york..hmm imagery

12. AUGUST 7th 4:15 :- WOW WOW WOW. This is probably the best track on the album. An INCREDIBLY emotional song yet its a rocker. The savage, simple beauty of "God closed his eyes and the world got mean" is too much for me to comprehend sometimes. It's simple explanation perhaps the way a child would see it..which makes it so sad.

13. COLD HARD HEART:- A nice way to end the album, slow moody..i think this is the bonus track for UK though...hmm hey didn't the Japs get Talk To Jesus as well!!! Now that another amazing song but I'll leave it for now.


Rating: 9/10

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