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"Blaze Of Glory" Review 1 May 2001
A solo that can't be missed

A review by Ethel /

I didn't have much hopes for this solo album at first, but after listening to it, i must say this is one of the best of JBJ's.

1)Billy get your guns-this is a great song, the lyrics and music are very good. 9/10

2)Miracle-I love this song a lot, and this is one that can be listened for many times, over and over again, and yet never get tired of.The vocals by the Waters worked very well in the song.10/10

3)Blaze of Glory-Is there a need to say more?This is one of the greatest!10/10

4)Blood money-Too bad this song is a little bit short, but still is awesome.10/10

5)Santa Fe-This ballad has great atmosphere, the music is very nice.10/10

6)Justice in the barrel-The first part of the song is passed with eager anticipation, but the song itself is well worth the waiting part.9/10

7)Never say die-Good music.9/10

8)You really got me now-This is a happy song with rather funny lyrics, but somehow i can't catch JBJ's vocals, too vague.9/10

9)Bang a drum-This one is also very good.-9/10

10)Dyin' ain't much of a livin'-I love this song, there was dark and light to it, listening it makes me feel like i'm on a rollar coaster ride, especially the part-'when it's my time to die.. pray for me'.10/10

11)Guano city-Nothing much to say but it was nice whatever the case.9/10

Rating: 10/10

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