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"Stranger In This Town" Review 4 May 2001
my favorite album in the nineties

A review by Walter /

I bought "Stranger In This Town" when it just went out (I was 17), and when the tape ended, I didn't think it was great. So far from the Bon Jovi songs and style I used to love...

Ten years after, this record is like a friend when I'm searching for the light in the dark. Sure, I grew up, my life changed drastically, and these days, the music and the lyrics are talking to me much more than when I bought "Stranger". Bon Jovi means a lot in my life, I've a big collection (185 pieces with singles, 7", 12", ... ), I like to sing these songs anytime I feel the need. And if Richie did this record, it was to drag the skeletons out and keep the demons down. I think it was right, and it helps me through some tough times. Bon Jovi is my light side when everything seems cool (but I listen to the band even when I got the blues to feel life a bit better). "Stranger" is almost a confession to me, and listening to it is a religious act, I think it's 1000 times deeper than Bon Jovi. Thanks Richie. You show me the way, and that's why I rate this album 10 on 10, and it's close to perfection. The best album I've heard in my whole life probably.

Rating: 10/10

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