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"Stranger In This Town" Review 4 May 2001
Richie's the man!

best album i've ever heard (that voice!!!!!!!)

A review by kathy /

i bought this album about three month ago without really knowing what i should expect. i always thought jon would be the better singer and i didn't thought much about richie's talent. of course i knew he's a great guitar player (okay everyone knows that...) but i bought stranger just to hear him singing.

as i heard the album the first time, i was absolutely surprised by richie's voice ... so powerful and bluesy! and sometimes he sings so softly, in a way jon never could!
his voice wasn't the only thing surprising me: the songs on stranger are absolutely unbelievable and all of them have very meaningful lyrics. i can't say i have any favourites, it depends on my mood, but at the moment my fave is father time.

now i know much more about richie and i must say: after stranger richie's my fave bj memeber. i never knew about richies "hidden talents" and i think richie should get the chance to sing the lead vocals in a bon jovi song. would be something new.

now there's nothing more left to be said! stranger is simply the best album i've ever heard!
and of course richie's the sexiest man alive! :-))

Rating: 10/10

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